Story of My Life (Well, 10 Minutes Worth)

Went into studio. 

Remembered I was going to go to the basement for a certain tool. 

Got to basement, realized the dehumidifier needed emptying. 

Brought the bucket outside to water some plants instead of putting the water down the drain.

Stopped to consider the sweet stupidity of grey squirrels. 

Went inside and replaced bucket, had vague notion I was originally going to do something else in the basement but had no idea what, so went upstairs. 

Realized I still haven’t written the thank you cards from staying with family last weekend. Wondered where my coffee mug was, found it in the studio. 

Remembered I was going to get a tool from the basement.

Oh yeah…right.



I went to my Secretary of State’s website and filed as an LLC.

I did it. I finally jumped in and did it.

I’m so very nervous and excited.

I followed up by actually doing some more work after that, to reinforce to myself that I am taking this seriously and it’s not a game.

Scary but good.

I have some projects that I’m working on I remembered to take pictures of this time (nothing like being all done and then remembering I need before pictures!)

I’ll write more soon, and have a post with actual pics and a tut. 🙂 In the meantime, I’m going to sleep, and think about business-y stuff.

Just had to share!

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