Project Paper Purge

I’ve been cleaning my desk, including (or especially) the reams of papers contained on, in, and under it.

I’ve emptied the paper shredder at least 4 or 5 times, cleared out paper jams (from over-use) at least twice, and have brought out 2 or 3 paper grocery bags full of non-sensitive papers to be recycled. I can’t even guess how many times I’ve had to blow my nose from the dust.

Thought I’d share a sampling of what I’ve found.

From one of my “inboxes”:

  • A folder full of stuff to read from 2 years ago (never read);
  • A feather;
  • A die from a Boggle game;
  • A pom pom;
  • Bills (unopened) and coupons (unused);
  • A yarn wrapper;
  • Various papers I meant to file a few years ago but still haven’t decided where to put;
  • A Pokemon trading card;
  • A ticket stub for “Hanna” (a movie I’d pretty well forgotten about);
  • A map of local parks I never opened up to use;
  • Directions to a friend’s house for a party;
  • One nail from a nail gun (I don’t own a nail gun);
  • Instructions for use for stuff I don’t own anymore; and
  • Old pretty wrapping paper I intended to use again somehow.

It’s been…interesting. Though I have had many mysteries solved as I’ve opened mail for the first time–from years ago–and found ‘first notices’ I hadn’t known about. As in, I get second and third notices and I don’t understand why since I never received a first notice.

Huh, turns out I did.


Apocalypse Z: Dark Days – The waiting is almost over…


Wait, is totally weird that I just squee’d about a zombie book?


Apocalypse Z: Dark Days — translated to English — is coming out October 8th.


Now I have to decide whether to wait to re-read Apocalypse Z until October so I don’t have to experience the agony that is waiting for the next book…  Or whether I want to read it now and experience the delicious suspense that is waiting for the next book. One in the same, that’s for sure!

I’m off to pre-order the book and sit here excitedly. I may also say squee a few more times, but I’ll keep it to myself.

Anybody have suggestions of what to read ’til then? I’d love to hear suggestions in the comments!

(Miss my review of Apocalypse Z? Head on over to the post!)

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