Apocalypse Z: Dark Days – The waiting is almost over…


Wait, is totally weird that I just squee’d about a zombie book?


Apocalypse Z: Dark Days — translated to English — is coming out October 8th.


Now I have to decide whether to wait to re-read Apocalypse Z until October so I don’t have to experience the agony that is waiting for the next book…  Or whether I want to read it now and experience the delicious suspense that is waiting for the next book. One in the same, that’s for sure!

I’m off to pre-order the book and sit here excitedly. I may also say squee a few more times, but I’ll keep it to myself.

Anybody have suggestions of what to read ’til then? I’d love to hear suggestions in the comments!

(Miss my review of Apocalypse Z? Head on over to the post!)

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