Project Paper Purge

I’ve been cleaning my desk, including (or especially) the reams of papers contained on, in, and under it.

I’ve emptied the paper shredder at least 4 or 5 times, cleared out paper jams (from over-use) at least twice, and have brought out 2 or 3 paper grocery bags full of non-sensitive papers to be recycled. I can’t even guess how many times I’ve had to blow my nose from the dust.

Thought I’d share a sampling of what I’ve found.

From one of my “inboxes”:

  • A folder full of stuff to read from 2 years ago (never read);
  • A feather;
  • A die from a Boggle game;
  • A pom pom;
  • Bills (unopened) and coupons (unused);
  • A yarn wrapper;
  • Various papers I meant to file a few years ago but still haven’t decided where to put;
  • A Pokemon trading card;
  • A ticket stub for “Hanna” (a movie I’d pretty well forgotten about);
  • A map of local parks I never opened up to use;
  • Directions to a friend’s house for a party;
  • One nail from a nail gun (I don’t own a nail gun);
  • Instructions for use for stuff I don’t own anymore; and
  • Old pretty wrapping paper I intended to use again somehow.

It’s been…interesting. Though I have had many mysteries solved as I’ve opened mail for the first time–from years ago–and found ‘first notices’ I hadn’t known about. As in, I get second and third notices and I don’t understand why since I never received a first notice.

Huh, turns out I did.

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