Interview Shoes

I had a job interview today. Hurray! The moment the time was set via email yesterday, however…well, you know. “OMG yay finally have a real interview, that’s great, need to get my portfolio all polished why’d I put it off is my resume / online portfolio current oh no WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!”
Does everybody go through that last part? Seriously, is it not enough to think about with collecting references and trying to think of 5 Things My Co-workers Would Say About Me? I mean, sheesh. I tried on 3 different black skirts, one navy blue with white polka dots skirt, and a pair of black pants. I spent 20 minutes on the phone discussing whether my hi-lo cream-colored lacy dress would say “Young, confident, creative, and stylish” or “I have no clue what’s appropriate business attire.”
I tried on a cream-colored top I purchased just for interviewing in, paired it with each of said skirts, then decided it was too frumpy. I’m not even going to list all the different tops I tried, ugh.
But then it was time to choose shoes. I own 6 different pairs of black heels alone. At least 3 different pairs of brown high-heeled boots (perfect for the season, ridiculous with any of my interview outfits). I narrowed it down to a pair of respectable black shoes that said “stylish, confident, but still practical” instead of anything that could be too night-clubby or date-nighty. But then I still had to find socks–because the shoes demand socks–but do I wear a pair of novelty ankle length socks that only I will know about? (I was partial to wearing my R2-D2 socks.) Do I wear neutral-toned socks that would be a nod to the business sock? (Um, did anybody else just think of one of the best music videos ever?) Or do I wear knee highs, which might work since the length of the skirt is long enough it wouldn’t show to the top of the socks…?
Thankfully I saw my pair of knee-high gray flat boots and didn’t waste any more time on trying on socks.
I’m glad I’m a woman, but this is one of the times I get truly sick of it and think about men needing to choose between brown shoes and black shoes and I just get so jealous!
First world problem, I know.

BTW, the interview went well.

I have a huge backlog of posts half-written in my head, so I’ll be writing soon about the GF journey, some more zombie book reviews, and about some WIPs.

How about you? What’s your stumbling block when prepping for an interview? Feel free to comment!



Project Paper Purge

I’ve been cleaning my desk, including (or especially) the reams of papers contained on, in, and under it.

I’ve emptied the paper shredder at least 4 or 5 times, cleared out paper jams (from over-use) at least twice, and have brought out 2 or 3 paper grocery bags full of non-sensitive papers to be recycled. I can’t even guess how many times I’ve had to blow my nose from the dust.

Thought I’d share a sampling of what I’ve found.

From one of my “inboxes”:

  • A folder full of stuff to read from 2 years ago (never read);
  • A feather;
  • A die from a Boggle game;
  • A pom pom;
  • Bills (unopened) and coupons (unused);
  • A yarn wrapper;
  • Various papers I meant to file a few years ago but still haven’t decided where to put;
  • A Pokemon trading card;
  • A ticket stub for “Hanna” (a movie I’d pretty well forgotten about);
  • A map of local parks I never opened up to use;
  • Directions to a friend’s house for a party;
  • One nail from a nail gun (I don’t own a nail gun);
  • Instructions for use for stuff I don’t own anymore; and
  • Old pretty wrapping paper I intended to use again somehow.

It’s been…interesting. Though I have had many mysteries solved as I’ve opened mail for the first time–from years ago–and found ‘first notices’ I hadn’t known about. As in, I get second and third notices and I don’t understand why since I never received a first notice.

Huh, turns out I did.

Username error

I have a book with all of my usernames and passwords written down in it.
Since that is the number one rule of Things Not To Do Ever (computer-related, at least), I hid the book so that if a random person broke into my house there wouldn’t be a UN/PW handy reference book lying next to the computer.
I of course forgot where I cleverly hid the book.
For months I have been unable to log in to most of my accounts without doing a password reset. (OK, full disclosure: first I have to get the email with my username since I don’t even remember THAT. Then I have to reset my password, and oftentimes, my security questions as well.)
I gave up and started a new UN/PW log, so of course I randomly found the first log-in book, which is mostly full of outdated info now anyway since I had to reset everything in order to log in and pay my bills. Clearly I will need to transfer all of my newer data over to the original book.
Also, the hiding spot is really awesome, and I’m considering still using it, even though I know it means I’ll forget where I put it and lose my info again.
Guess it’s time to start making up new passwords. Again.

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