Username error

I have a book with all of my usernames and passwords written down in it.
Since that is the number one rule of Things Not To Do Ever (computer-related, at least), I hid the book so that if a random person broke into my house there wouldn’t be a UN/PW handy reference book lying next to the computer.
I of course forgot where I cleverly hid the book.
For months I have been unable to log in to most of my accounts without doing a password reset. (OK, full disclosure: first I have to get the email with my username since I don’t even remember THAT. Then I have to reset my password, and oftentimes, my security questions as well.)
I gave up and started a new UN/PW log, so of course I randomly found the first log-in book, which is mostly full of outdated info now anyway since I had to reset everything in order to log in and pay my bills. Clearly I will need to transfer all of my newer data over to the original book.
Also, the hiding spot is really awesome, and I’m considering still using it, even though I know it means I’ll forget where I put it and lose my info again.
Guess it’s time to start making up new passwords. Again.

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  1. Girl! You are preaching to the choir. I tried to simplify my life by using the same UN/PW for everything. Obviously that’s a baaaad idea.
    Also, I house-sit for tons of people. It’s too hilariously true how many people have their so-called guarded info on sticky notes stuck to their monitors.

    • Follow up hilarity/irony: when I tried to post the previous comment, a window came up asking me to login to my wordpress account. Guess what y’all. I had to look up my password in my little book. No. Lie.

      • Exactly! My friend suggested I use an app for corralling all of my UN/PWs… I told him I’d just lose the PW to get into it.
        And I only leave pseudo-public PWs on my monitor…like how to get on to my wi-fi. If that HAPPENS to be the same PW I use to get in to pay my electric bill…well… I guess my guests are free to log in and pay my bills. 😉

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