Lake Trout & Cabbage Salad


Life recently brought me to the North Shore of Lake Superior, so I figured that it would fall under local food for me to buy food while I was there and bring it home with me. Treats purchased include wild rice, maple syrup from a nearby syrup – what’s the word for it – farm?, and some smoked fish. I was happy to be getting some freshwater fish as I’ve decided not to eat ocean fish anymore – more on that another time.

The whitefish remains in my fridge for now, but the lake trout was delicious and eaten right away. It’s a very pleasant fish – nice and fatty, with a good flavor that doesn’t taste ‘fishy.’ ┬áThis salad was incredibly tasty, easy to make, and quick.

Chop enough fresh cabbage to make a good serving of salad. Cut a rough julienne of about two carrots per salad and toss them on top. Next, crumble smoked fish on top. I divvied up the hunk I bought into four serving sizes since four of us were eating, but I’d say roughly 1/2 to 1 cup of fish per salad. Top with dressing – I used Newman’s Own Caesar, which was an awesome match flavor-wise, but of course you could make a dressing at home. Just make sure it’s a nice, light dressing so it doesn’t overpower the fresh tastes in the salad – only enough to enhance. Last it gets a hearty sprinkle of Parmigiano or Romano and fresh cracked black pepper.


Seriously, it took more time to try to get a good picture of the salad than to make it. ┬áMy meat-and-potatoes boyfriend loved it, I loved it, my kids loved it. For a salad, it was pretty filling. It was especially nice, light fare that didn’t have to be cooked – a great meal for a heat wave.

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