Unplanned Break

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted in two months. As soon as I was getting a routine down with posting, life up and happened. My new semester started, I was in my first craft fair (more on that soon!), and then the waves of sickness in the house started.
No one wants to hear about someone else’s sickness, so I’m going to skip details. I am only going to say that between my two kids and myself, there has been at least one person sick in my house for nearly a month – and last Monday actually saw all three of us at home, sick.
I’ve gotten an odd amount of organizing done in that time, and I have lots of before pictures. After I figure out what to do with the remnants of the projects I’ll get some after pics to go with them – it doesn’t feel right to post about a project I haven’t quite finished.

Here’s a pic from my library as I think less about the many inches of snow we got here yesterday and more about the warm season ahead, with its gardening and get-togethers.
I’m so ready for spring!



This is a seriously pink flower!



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