Fix It, Don’t Throw It

I’ve realized my right foot has some sort of bad juju toward footwear.

I understand why the right heel of all my sexy shoes is salt-stained and scuffed – from driving. I keep thinking I should wear sneakers when I drive to events and change into my heels when I arrive, but I always forget.

However, what I don’t understand is this:

The bellies look like watermelon slices.

Flightless owl slipper.


Does my right foot harness dark powers of footwear destruction?

My right foot appears to have some serious issues. The boots I could explain away. After all, I kick stuff with my right foot – think ice chunks and the sludge under my tire wheels.

But a slipper? Trust me, I do not kick ice chunks with my slipper.

In all seriousness, I plan to fix these instead of throwing out my otherwise perfectly fine boots.  I think some straightforward stitching should do it, but I’m a bit nervous that all I’ll accomplish is poking myself with a needle too many times to admit and it will still allow water and snow into my boot like a sieve.


How does this even happen to only one boot?

Anyone try something like this? If I line the repaired seam with E-6000, will that work, or just break down in the salt and water/snow?

Tips, advice, and comments appreciated!

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