Gluten Free?

I’m going gluten-free. Tomorrow.

And I don’t mean that as a joke about procrastination. I’m going out with a bang tonight by going to Travail, our local awesome spot. (Pics tomorrow? We’ll see if I get any good ones–my food photography leaves a lot of room for growth.)

I’ve been working towards this for a while, and I didn’t get serious about setting a date for it. So I’ve decided on a date. Tomorrow. Which is less a date than a day, I suppose.

I’m planning on sharing some of my journey here, partly to keep me honest about it, partly because maybe it’ll be a good source for others. We’ll see.

This is a short post because each time I’ve tried to write a post lately it’s just turned into a big beast I was no longer in charge of. So more info soon, and for now, I’m going to enjoy my last cheese bread for a long time.

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